Airport and In-flight advertising


GMS has strong contacts within the Airport and In-flight advertising sector, major airport authorities around the world and with many options are available to any advertiser who wishes to reach any airport, in any country internationally.

This includes:

– Roadside options as you enter and leave any airport terminal or perimeter road.

– Billboard sites of any size and even customised ideas can be erected, such as inflatable images or branding.

– Sponsor the control tower is another option some of which are 200-300 feet high.

– Airport billboards on all car parking facilities both on site and offsite.

– Airport bus and vehicle adverts.

– Poster sites inside any terminal and buildings with huge passenger traffic numbers e.g. underground station connections.

– Special offer events i.e. a 14 day trial on a new perfumery or a launch of a new vehicle inside the terminals.

– Sponsorship of airport lounges and of course, inside all public toilet facilities.

– Sponsorship of all airport arrival/departure terminal side of buses.

If you are looking to build a campaign in Airport and In-flight advertising, GMS co-operates with a number of airlines around the world to customise media options for clients these include onboard options such as back of the seat, in-flight entertainment, in-flight magazine options, Airlines’ in-flight duty free magazines, onscreen digital advertising messages and even a complete Airplane painted in your own colours! One Airline will even paint its entire fleet with your advertising message for a very large sum of money!

A campaign can exist covering many different ideas – advertisements in in-flight magazines, small commercials on the windows, seat table commercials on the back of the table in front of the passenger, meal tray placement on the food trays as well as a bunch of other intriguing initiatives of which some have not even been introduced yet. When it comes to the airport lounges you can sample brochures, arrange tasting of food or wines, exhibit products etc.

New marketing opportunities available include:

– In-flight Magazines including but not limited to: British Airways High Life, Emirates Open Skies, EasyJet Traveller, American Way American, Virgin Airways Vera.
– Meal Tray Cards
– Entertainment Guides
– Duty-free / Shopping Guides
– Frequent Flyer Magazines

– Movies, Daily News & Short Features
– Radio / Audio
– Air show
– Programme Sponsorship

Ambient Media
– Menu Cards
– Scrolling Messages on LCD Screens
– Lounge Promotions
– Branding on Lounge Invitations
– Coasters & Napkins
– Product Samplings
– In-flight Distribution
– Joint Promotional Events
– Target Group Customer Workshops