Value Added Services


In advertising Value Added (or Added Value) refers to extra and free of charge services that bring value to your business.

These can include:

Free Media Space Via Programmes Such As :

Executive Voice Advert, Harvey Readership Survey (to test advertising performance), Innovations From The Industry and Educating Engineers.

Free Case Study Adverts

Trade Show Special Issues

White Paper Connections

Corporate Profile/Internet Profile Media
You can receive free black & white pages of advertising in certain publications, to advertorially describe in detail, your company’s strengths and key product areas, or your company’s website.

Product Showcase
Receive free 4 colour product showcases, which will help you increase lead generation within an editorial environment.

Bonus Distribution & Trade Shows
Our magazines cover the key and major trade shows around the world, with specific publications focused in each area. We increase the presence of your advertising through bonus distribution at trade shows.

Customised Responder Research
We can conduct surveys on the respondents of your advertising, to determine levels of buying activity, that ultimately took place. This survey will allow you to ascertain the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

Electronic Lead Transfer
To increase response time on sale enquiries, selected publishers offer an electronic lead transfer service, allowing you to decrease turn-around time and increase profitability, and increase sale leads.

Access to Market Research
The publishers we represent offer extensive market research, including market tends, forecast spending, brand awareness, benchmark studies and more.

On-line Buyers Guide
Selective publishers offer a yearly Buyers Guide, which is also produced on-line. You can receive free listings for your product lines or services. Links from your product listings can also be hyperlinked through to a strorefront page, giving further company details and access to e-mail or link through to your website.

Publishers Letter
To increase the impact of your advertising message in our publications, we can organise for a personalised publisher’s letter to be sent to recipients of the magazine, highlighting your company’s excellence.

For more information on any of the above please don’t hesitate to Contact Us