Global Media Sales offers a range of research services to help businesses improve their decision making with regards to their media strategy.

This stems from our approach to understand the business objectives of the client and what the required output and results are.

This shapes all of the work we do, in terms of understanding behavior, attitudes and opinions.

Understanding your business and goals, shapes how we plan your media strategy in terms of behaviour, attitudes and opinions.

We pride ourselves on delivering action based results in a clear and concise manner.

Services Offered

We are able to carry out research using a range of techniques including online, postal and telephone. These can range form understanding your consumers (and/ or competitors) through to promotional effectiveness work.

  • Desk research and market analysis
  • Audit of existing client databases, to maximise the value and assess if these are compatible with the business needs
  • Review and interpret existing research in the public domain
  • Bespoke quantitative research, using a range of techniques from online, postal and telephone. These can range from understanding your consumers (or competitors) through to promotional effectiveness work.
  • Bespoke qualitative research, including focus groups, ethnography and depth interviews.

The work we carry out begins with our understanding of the client and their needs, what can help them move their business forward.

Our Research Director has worked in the market research and media industry for 35 years. Having held senior roles at the Financial Times, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBC, Time Inc, MediaVest and the Newspaper Society. During this time he has commissioned, managed and presented a wide range of projects for a vast range of clients.

This high level market intelligence can provide you with an edge over your competitors.